We are excited to support the YWCA Columbus for week #4 of our 5-week-long project! In case you missed it, we’ve made a simple weekly commitment to getting our kids involved in giving back to the community by choosing a different organization to support each week, and so far, they are loving it!

This week, we had the opportunity to help out this amazing organization, which strives to accomplish the following goals:

  • Decrease the number of people who are homeless, subject to eviction or living in shelters.
  • Create policies that create mixed-income and equitable neighborhoods.
  • Work with non-profits, government and businesses not just on the symptoms of poverty, but also on the causes.
  • Make significant investments in young women and children to give them the skills and confidence to control their bodies, their decisions and their destinies.

First, we went shopping for baby bottles, diapers and baby wipes, some of the most needed items which can be found on the YWCA Columbus website. All items must be new and unopened.

We also made some special treats for the residents of the YWCA – another suggested way to help out (and a great way to get kiddos involved)!

From there, it was super simple to coordinate a drop-off time with their volunteer coordinator! There are SO many ways to give back to this organization – including hosting donation drives, making blankets, putting together snack packs, etc. For the full list, check out their volunteer opportunities!