When you’re four years old and you have a mid-day doctor’s appointment (and you’re REALLY good during it), you probably deserve a special treat 🙂 At least that was our excuse to finally check out the popular bakery and cafe called Dough Mama, located in Clintonville on High Street. 

Let me just say, how cute and inviting! We loved the friendly atmosphere and of course, the delicious assortment of desserts that you can just order at the counter. Ice cream was on my little guy’s mind, and he couldn’t stop raving about the two scoops of creamy vanilla that he ordered. I tried it, and he really wasn’t exaggerating – it was pretty amazing. 

Dough Mama

My husband and I both needed our afternoon caffeine fix so a warm cup of coffee perfectly complimented my Salted Chocolate Chip Cookie (or at least the part that wasn’t eaten by four-year-old)…

And my husband enjoyed a piece of the creamy Salted Butterscotch Pie which was made with boozy butterscotch custard and topped with Maldon sea salt. So good! 

Everything was so delicious, and I think we are officially in love with this adorable neighborhood establishment. And, some one-on-one time with our oldest was icing on the cake. 

Be sure to check out their cafe menu for breakfast and lunch options as well!


Dough Mama

Grilled Cheese, Chardonnay or both?

Grilled Cheese AND Chardonnay worthy

Fun Fact

It’s not just all about the desserts at Dough Mama. Their owner and staff believe that the community they create is just as important as the delicious goods that they sell. Their cafe is a “no-hate space where all are welcome and when possible, encourage dialogue, community support, and giving back.” Kudos, Dough Mama, for your commitment to the community! 

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