Have you ever had one of those weekends where you literally DO NOT leave the house? It had been a while for us due to the craziness of the holidays, but we finally found ourselves with no plans on a rainy January weekend. We embraced it for the first 48 hours, but by Sunday, we were dying to go ANYWHERE. So, we took a step back in time and decided to do something that we really haven’t done much of since our kids were born — we went out to brunch. 

We decided to play it safe and choose a spot that was known for their kid-friendly atmosphere and menu — so we decided on First Watch in Worthington. We knew that it would be hopping on a Sunday at 11, but we decided to venture out anyway. 

When we arrived, we were told that the wait was 30-40 minutes, and if we were anywhere else, we probably would’ve thrown the towel in and headed elsewhere, but do you know what’s special about the First Watch in Worthington? It’s located in The Shops at Worthington Place which provides ample opportunities to explore… but the highlight is the toy store (and it’s an EDUCATIONAL toy store) along with an indoor PLAYGROUND. Our kids were in heaven. They played on the playground and explored the toy store during our 40 minute wait with no complaining at all, other than the tears that followed my announcement that our table was ready and that we would have to head over to the restaurant.

When we arrived, we were quickly seated and greeted by our server who had our drinks out in a flash (chocolate milk & apple juice for the kiddos — and LOTS of their delicious Project Sunrise coffee for my husband and I). The restaurant was buzzing with the sound of happy patrons enjoying their weekends so I never once felt concerned that my kids were being disruptive, even when our two-year-old spilled her apple juice EVERYWHERE. The First Watch staff was at our table within seconds to assist us in the clean-up process. 

The kids menu is basic but perfect. They offer a good mix of lunch and breakfast options — and my kids went with the chocolate chip pancakes (with an egg on the side) and the french toast. Both were perfect. You could also try out their Turkeywich or Grilled Cheese if lunch was preferred. 

First Watch French Toast

My husband and I went the breakfast route as well. I ordered one of my favorite First Watch dishes, the BLT Omelet which consists of two poached eggs atop ciabatta loaded with bacon, tomatoes, avocados and lemon-dressed arugula covered with hollandaise.

Eggs Benedict at First Watch

My husband went with an old favorite, the Key West Crepegg which is stuffed with turkey, avocado, bacon, melted cheese and diced tomato, topped with sour cream and served with fresh salsa.  It’s not technically on the menu, but he asks for it every time and has never been denied. It is AWESOME.

I loved the many options — and would love to jump out of my comfort zone next time and try the Power Breakfast Quinoa Bowl, the Smoked Salmon & Roasted Vegetable Frittata or the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes. Check out the full menu here

Overall, it was a fantastic experience. Our food was delicious and fresh — and I love that First Watch has a strong focus on making everything to order without the use of fryers or heat lamps. It’s certainly apparent after your first bite.


First Watch – Worthington

Grilled Cheese, Chardonnay or both?

Grilled Cheese! (No Chardonnay here :))

Dining Tips

Enjoy their complimentary newspapers and free Wi-Fi (perfect for those trips out when you just have to hand the iPad over to the kids). 

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