We’ve just hit day #44 of our quarantine life — and while we are VERY ready to get back out into the real world, we are still making the best out of it with our takeout rotation! This weekend, we pretended we were going out for a fun date night in German Village and ordered take-out from one of our all-time favorites, Lindey’s. We absolutely love this place — and their food had us dreaming about their beautiful patio that we really hope to enjoy at some point this summer! But, our meal was top-notch, despite having to reheat after the kids went to bed. 

A member of the Lindey’s team actually DELIVERED our meal which was an added bonus since we live in Worthington! The meal package was made complete with a signed card from their staff, a perfectly wrapped bottle of wine (that we purchased from their menu) and of course, a roll of toilet paper! Such a clever presentation. 

All wine is 50% off the list price with a $20 food purchase at lunch or $30 purchase at dinner. Beause we adore the Farrari-Carano winery, we went with a bottle of their Merlot. Keep in mind that they also have ‘Road Pops for Two’ available – including fun cocktails like the Hibiscus Margharita and the Orange Blossom Mule (sold as doubles). 

We’ve never had a meal at Lindey’s that we haven’t been extremely impressed with — and this meal was no exception. We started out with one of our favorites, the Lobster Bisque — a creamy mixture of lobster, sherry chantilly, chives and diced shrimp. 

We then shared the Chopped Salad which included apples, grilled red onion, bacon, candied pecans and goat cheese atop the perfect blend of arugula, kale, napa and red cabbage. This was served with a delicious pear thyme vinaigrette. 

Our entree selections were perfection. First, we enjoyed the Crab Cakes – jumbo lump blue crab, spicy avocado aioli, sauteed spinach, roasted tomatoes, charred citrus horseradish vinaigrette and potato rosti (basically the best giant french fry that you’ve ever had). 

And finally, we tried the Torchio as we were craving a really good pasta dish. This was awesome and included shrimp, sundried tomatoes, asparagus, mushrooms, roasted red peppers, spinach and walnut-basil pesto cream. 

Our meal (and overall experience) did not disappoint — and while we can’t wait to get back in their actual restaurant, we’re happy to know that we can still have a little taste of Lindey’s at home. 



Grilled Cheese, Chardonnay or both?

Grilled Cheese AND Chardonnay worthy

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Be sure to check out brunch as well! It’s available on Saturday & Sunday from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. and features delicious dishes such as Sausage Hash and Crab & Egg!

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